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                                         2005 SURVIVOR/REALITY TV EVENTS

March 10-12 - Reality4diabetes, Cincinnati, OH

            This annual event features celebs from several RealityTV shows but normally has more from Survivor than any other single show.  It affords fans ample opportunities to meet and hang out with the celebs in informal settings, some suitable for all ages and some with cocktails available.  R4D is a public foundation qualified under IRS section 501(c)3 to accept donations which are tax-deductible to the donor; the funds it raises are used for grants to other qualified foundations who actively pursue diabetes research or education.  As one might suspect, Tasha of R4D suffers from the insulin-dependent form of this disease.

May 20-22 - Paddles Poles and More, Inc, Fayetteville, W Va

              This event invited 15 Survivors to participate in outdoor games including whitewater rafting and paintball.  It was billed as a charity event but actually only used the celebs to sell its rafting adventure to Survivor fans; local papers reported only a nominal donation was made to charity.  Fans were isolated from the Survivors most of the weekend and except for two brief outdoor meals, were not permitted to hang out with them.  Both castaways and fans were misled by a for-profit promoter whose future "events" should be avoided by any but rafting enthusiasts who don't care about meeting Survivors.

June 11-13, 2005 - Grand Traverse Resort, Traverse City, MI

             Again mislabeled as a charity event, a promoter is bringing 19 Survivors to a luxury resort and casino in order to sell overpriced rooms to fans and charging steep greens fees for a round of golf.  To wrap the for-profit aspects of the event with a thin layer of "charity", castaways will make appearances at a children's center and a church while in the area.  Fans will mingle with the celebs at a Monday evening dinner/party, but should not expect to hang out with them at any other time.  This is a very private commercial appearance on behalf of the host, who promises to make a modest donation to various named charities. Fans should be wary of events organized by the Michgan lady responsible for this promotion.

July 29-30, 2005 - Discovery Beach Restaurant, Cocoa Beach, FL

             On display in this restaurant is a large collection of authentic Survivor props and memorabilia, including the Tribal Council torches carried by several castaways.  Originally planned as a private reunion of these torch-bearers, the organizer has been joined by a number of big Survivor fans who will personally underwrite the weekend at the beach for about 20 of their favorite castaways.  No funds are being raised for any purpose, but a dinner open to the public for a small charge and a private cocktail party will allow fans to meet the celebs; any net proceeds would simply be applied toward airline and lodging costs incurred by the hosts.  Fans wishing to hang out with the celebs all weekend may do so if they join the sponsor group.

August 5-6, 2005 - Project Cool, Toronto, Ontario

            Project Cool is a Canadian non-profit foundation which holds an annual fundraiser and invites about 20 RealityTV celebs to various fan venues in the Toronto area.  This year the net proceeds will benefit an orphanage in the Republic of Georgia....reasons for the choice are detailed on the foundation's website at www.projectcool.ca   As the only such event held in Canada, it tries to bring fans access to those RealityTV celebs who are most popular in that country. Since the event organizers are two teenage girls, many venues are alcohol free.  Next to R4D, this is THE event fans should not miss!

October 7-8, 2005 - Reality4Diabetes, Cincinnati, OH

            A second 2005 event is planned to coincide with the Walk to Cure Diabetes being held by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation at Kings Island amusement park.  Other venues will be included.  Watch their website at www.reality4diabetes.com for details and celebs attending as the event draws nearer.