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Among the leaders of The Amazing Race 6, the lovely Hayden received an on-camera marriage proposal from her partner, Aaron. 


A model before being selected to compete in The Amazing Race 6, Hayden Kristianson is among the cutest girls ever to play the TV game.


One of the cute outfits Hayden wore during the race is shown above.  The shorts are actually green and both pieces have been signed by her.


In the above scenes from the show, Hayden is wearing the pink top and green shorts while completing a "Detour" task.


During parts of the race, Hayden chose long pants rather than shorts.  Shown above are her tan pants and the yellow top she wore with them.  Both have been autographed by her.


Above are scenes from the show, including one "Road Block", where Hayden can be seen wearing the yellow top and tan pants.