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Alison Irwin was the BB4 houseguest fans loved to hate.  Although she finished 2nd in the voting, she is definately the best player never to have won Big Brother.  She also wins my vote as the season's hottest cutie! 


                      Alison looking like the beauty pagent queen she was.


                         This blue bikini is one of the outfits Ali wore while
                         participating in Big Brother 4.  She has signed both
                         pieces, the panty on the back.


                     Above are two scenes from the show, one with Dana and
                     one with Jun, where Ali was wearing the blue bikini.


                       Probably the best-remembered bikini worn on the show 
                       by Ali was the chocolate brown one which is displayed
                       above on a mannequin .


                           In three scenes from the show, two deliberately
                           provacative, Ali is shown wearing the brown bikini.


                      Displayed on a mannequin, this mini-skirt and top
                      were worn by Alison for her official CBS Big Brother
                      photo.  She has signed both pieces.


                     Above is a copy of the official photo which Alison has signed.


Among the outfits that Alison wore in many episodes was this black warm-up outfit.  The top has a zipper front and a hood while the pants have a drawstring waist.


                        In the collage above, Alison can be seen wearing
                        her warm-up outfit in various episodes of the show.


                 This brown cardigan sweater was a favorite of Alison.


                         Shown above are two scenes from the show with
                         Alison wearing the brown sweater.


                     In one HOH contest, Alison wore this camouflage outfit
                     complete with helmet.


                   Vidcap from the show with Alison wearing the camo outfit.


In one episode, the cast voted on what they thought was the worst clothing item worn by each houseguest.  Then they gathered in the back yard and took turns burning the offending items.  The girls dressed in cute Indian outfits for this scene; Alison's is shown above.


                            Above are several scenes from the episode where all
                      the girls, including Alison, wore the Indian outfits.


                          Among the items given to the houseguests for Big
                     Brother 4 were small "wardrobe bags" bearing the
                     official logo of the show.  Alison signed hers for me.


One HOH competition required the houseguests to smash a pinata.  Among the items that spilled from Alison's pinata were these two tiny ducks and a large eyeball!