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Diane outlasted all the other girls to finish third on Big Brother 5 but was betrayed by her ally at the end. 

Diane Henry


This yellow tee was just one of the many tops that Diane wore on TV as a Big Brother houseguest.  She signed it on the front for me.


Like most screen-caps, this image of Diane isn't sharp, but it is the only photo I have with her wearing the yellow top during the game.


These white and very short shorts were worn by Diane in at least one episode of Big Brother 5, and are now signed by her.


In this scene from the show, Diane is seated on the left and wearing her white shorts.


This pink bandana was worn by Diane during the game and she has signed it inside a large heart.  The closeup shows her inscription.


Just one of many scenes from the show in which Diane wore her pink bandana.