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The Year 2001
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Ever since being certified as an aerobics instructor in college, Kim had known the importance of physical fitness.  Although a very petite girl, she worked out with boxing gloves and participated in the most grueling of races: the triathlon.  The strength and stamina she gained was about to be put to a use she could have never imagined!


Kim had recently been laid-off during the dot.com bust, and was free-lancing as a marketing consultant when a friend suggested she apply for Survivor.  Her audition tape, from which the above photo was taken, featured her remark "I have a small rose tattoo, but you'll have to put me on the show to find out where!"  Someone was impressed because she was accepted and left for Africa that July.  The filming was completed in August and Survivor Africa premiered on TV in September of 2001.


Every Thursday night during the TV showing, Kim held a Survivor party for family and friends at her apartment in Conshohocken, Pa.  The above photo was taken at one of these parties and shows Kim with her step-father and mother.