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The reason I selected this page title will become obvious once its contents are displayed!

NICOLE DELMA - Survivor Pearl Islands


The is the dress Nicole was wearing when the castaways were tossed off the boat and into the game with nothing but the clothes on their backs.  TV Guide said "Not since the Monica Lewinsky scandal has a blue dress made such a splash!"  To make matters worse for Nicole, she had no bra under her size 2 dress.  But for 3 days, including one strenuous challenge, she wore this dress with the shoes shown above...and again on Day 19 when the bootees made another appearance as the Outcast Tribe.


This art poster shows several scenes of Nicole and her dress while on the island.  At the bottom right is Nicole back home, holding up the TV Guide showing her as part of the Morgan Tribe.


When Nicole jumped off the boat in her blue cocktail dress, she was wearing both a necklace and a bracelet.  Shown above are closeups of the silver necklace with inlaid mother-of-pearl and the silver cuff bracelet.  She can be seen wearing one or both items in several scenes from the show, including at Tribal Council where her torch was extinquished.


Nicole had brought several changes of clothing and other items with her (as had all 16 castaways) which stayed on the boat when they were forced to jump off.  If this surprise twist had not occurred, these are two of the outfits we would have seen Nicole wearing.  The khaki shorts are the same pair in both photos which show two different tops: a white tank top and a pink tee shirt.  All 3 items have been signed by Nicole.


In addition to clothing intended for game wear, Nicole also brought some outfits for possible use after being voted out.  After her role in the "Outcasts" episode, she wore the jeans shown above almost every day as she and other non-jury members traveled around Panama waiting for the filming to end.


For the Finale/Reunion Show, the cast was asked to bring their original game outfit.  But when CBS saw how tattered their one and only outfit now looked, they were told to run out and buy something as close as possible. The above dress was the nearest Nicole could find on short notice; while it is blue, it's a much lighter shade. Unlike the original, it is a size 6...this time she intended to wear a bra under it!


Nicole shopped many hours to find a glamorous outfit to wear to her Finale afterparty.  Unable to find anything she liked in blue, she settled on this silky creation which looked a lot better on her than on a mannequin!  Since it didn't depend on a zipper to hold it up like her blue dress, it's her normal size 2.


Above are some scenes from the Pearl Islands Finale afterparty in Los Angeles, showing Nicole wearing the dress.  It was retired to my collection when she returned from her 5 month trip abroad.

SANDRA DIAZ-TWINE - Survivor Pearl Islands


Sandra is the first Survivor winner to join my collection!  The cast of Pearl Islands had only one outfit to wear the entire 39 days, so I asked Sandra for the black evening dress which she wore to her Finale afterparty.  It is proudly displayed above on a mannequin.


The above group of photos were taken at the Survivor 7 Finale afterparty on December 14, 2003 and show various poses in which Sandra was wearing the dress. 

GINA  CREWS - Survivor Marquesas


You may immediately recognize this outfit as clothing actually worn on Survivor Marquesas by Gina Crews.  Most often, she wore the Reebok sports bra with her black bikini bottom or covered by a blue/gray tee shirt.  She wore the khaki shorts most of the time, but often with her black bikini top. Below are examples of each:


In this scene from the show, Gina is wearing the black Reebok sports bra, but not the shorts. 


In this close-up cropped from the official Miraamu Tribe photo, Gina is wearing the shorts but not the sports bra.  Taken very early in the show, the photo shows the shorts when they were relatively unsoiled.

LINDSEY RICHTER - Survivor Africa


Lindsey wore this outfit for the log stair-steps challenge and for the bleachers challenge.  She wore the white shorts often, sometimes with a green sports bra.  She also wore the yellow top with white pants on the hike to Samburu camp on Day One.  Both items have been signed by Lindsey.


View of Lindsey from the back, wearing both pieces of the outfit...as her tribe was winning the log stair challenge. That's Silas on her left and Brandon on her right.


Lindsey again wearing both parts of the outfit, this time as she was enjoying the food reward her tribe has just won at the bleacher challenge. In the foreground in the back of Kelly Goldsmith's head!

KIM POWERS - Survivor Africa


Who can forget the cute scene at the water hole when Big Tom helped Kim shower by pouring water into both the top and bottom of her blue and white bikini.  She wore the bikini often, sometimes covering the bottom with her buff like a skirt, and other times with shorts.


At the beginning of the shower scene, Big Tom poured water over Kim's head. but.......


Taking a shower with your swimsuit on leaves some areas unwashed, so Kim stretched the bikini....first the bra as shown above...then the bottom as Big Tom accomodatingly poured the water.  She later said Big Tom knew where her tattoo was located!!


My young Canadian friend, Ashley, created this collage showing Kim wearing the bikini in several different scenes.  Sometimes only the bra is visible...she assures me the bottom was in place under the buff!!


Although not readily seen at a distance due to the colors and pattern of the bikini, Kim has signed both pieces in black ink


Although not seen often on the show or in photos, Kim wore her long pants  "every single night of my 33 days. I pulled my socks over top of them and tucked in my fleece to try to stay warm and keep out the scorpions and spiders. I still have no idea how I slept like that for so many nights!"  In some scenes early in the show, you can also see her wearing the black sports bra shown above.  Both items were placed on a mannequin for photographing.


In the first photo above, taken from the Samburu Tribe picture, Kim is wearing both her long pants and the bra.  As she did more often than not, she has fashioned her buff into a bikini top to wear over the sports bra.  In the other photo, Kim has removed the sports bra and is wearing her olive drab pants with her buff.


This light blue tee shirt was one of Kim's favorites.  "This one I wore to challenges all the time.  I hacked the sleeves off with our machette on Day 2 or so."  On the back of the shirt "it says in pink paint, Club 75, which is what my roommates and I in Philly called our apartment...it was a shout out to them.  My roommates were so excited".  Kim made the pink paint by mixing red and white from the paint they were given to make a new tribal flag after the merger.


In the above group of photos, Kim is wearing the blue tee shirt as she participates in four different challenges (photos 2 and 5 were both taken during the archery challenge).  I don't have any photos which show the back, but the pink Club 75 was visible in several scenes after the merger...including the day when Kim and Big Tom were partners for the obstacle course challenge and Kim was limbering up by doing cartwheels.

TAMMY LEITNER - Survivor Marquesas


Now signed by her in silver ink, Tammy wore this black bikini in most of her water scenes on Survivor Marquesas. But more often, she wore the bikini bra with the black shorts. Unfortunately, the web belt she wore with the shorts was abandoned in the Marquesas.


This view of Tammy, wearing the wet bikini, reveals just how cute...and provocative...she can be!


This shot of Tammy, cropped from a Soliantu Tribe photo, provides a good view of the bikini/shorts combination favored by her for every day wear on Survivor Marquesas.

SARAH JONES - Survivor Marquesas


Next to the blue bikini, Sarah's favorite outfit on Marquesas was this cloudy blue sports bra with black shorts.  The two pieces have been photographed separately so her autograph can been seen on each.


With apologies for its poor quality, this is the only photo available to me which clearly shows Sarah wearing both pieces of the outfit


This photo clearly shows Sarah wearing the sports bra, but because she is sitting, the black shorts are barely visable


Taken from the newly-configured Miraamu Tribe photo, Sarah can be seen wearing the black shorts with a yellow tee shirt.  Is she is wearing the bra under the shirt?  Only Sarah knows!

TANYA  VANCE - Survivor Thailand


Although voted out far too early, Tanya wore this black tank top and kahki shorts as her basic TV outfit in Thailand.  She got the last laugh, however, when fans overwhelmingly named her the sweetheart of Survivor 5.


Cropped from an official cast photo, Tanya can be seen above wearing both parts of the outfit.  In both photos, the shorts appear white but they actually are khaki.


In this better quality photo, Tanya is wearing the tank top over a matching bottom.


Probably the best-remembered outfit Tanya wore in Thailand was her blue and white swimsuit.  You might not have known, however, that she actually took two identical swimsuits with her.  The one which saw the most wear is in Tanya's own memorabilia collection; this is the other.


The above photos show Tanya wearing her swimsuit on the show.  Not since Kim Powers of Survivor Africa has a blue and white bikini looked so adorable!

STEPHANIE DILL - Survivor Thailand


Stephanie's favorite outfit in the game was the Columbia long-sleeved shirt and the long pants shown above.  The pants unzipped at the knees to become shorts when a change was needed. She has signed the shirt on its pocket.


In the first two photos from the show, Stephanie was wearing the Columbia shirt.  The third photo shows her wearing the long pants while the pants had been converted into shorts in the final scene.


Although taken before leaving to play Survivor, Stephanie was wearing the Columbia shirt in the above photo...and little else!


Shown above are the short shorts Stephanie wore in the game and which are now signed by her.  Underneath, and not seen on camera, were these black open-mesh panties! They were one of only two pair she was permitted to take with her.


In the above photo from the show, Stephanie is wearing the olive drab short shorts in a daytime scene when it was too hot to wear the long-sleeve shirt.

SHAWNA MITCHELL - Survivor Amazon


Shawna wore this cute outfit on Episode 3; except for her "signature" yellow tank-top, she said it was the only clothing from the show that didn't need to be burned because of "the stench that radiates" from them!


In these scenes from Episode 3, Shawna is looking cute and sassy wearing the outfit.  She describes photo 3 as "me being sassafrass"!

JESSIE CAMACHO - Survivor Africa


You'll recognize this Reebok sports bra as the one Jessie wore during her altogether too brief stay in Africa. It shows little soiling or fading and is signed by her. 


Shown above are photos from the show with Jessie wearing the orange bra, which include her TV Guide cover photo.

CHRISTA HASTIE - Survivor Pearl Islands


After she was voted out in Episode 11, Christa was given the clothing she had been forced to abandon at the start of the show.  She wore this tee shirt to the jury, changing to fancier clothes when the cameras began rolling.


I was not able to find a photo of Christa wearing the shirt on the show, but she posed for me while holding it.  She also signed the shirt on the front.

KELLY WIGLESWORTH - Survivor Pulau Tiga


Kelly recently looked through some things she had stored at her parent's home and found the red tee-shirt she wore for her official CBS photo.  When she asked, I told her I'd love to add it to my collection.


Above is the photo of Kelly wearing the shirt in her official Survivor photo.


On those occasions when it was chilly on the island, Kelly wore this long-sleeve shirt with a zipper which extends from the neck to midway down the front.


With apologies for the poor quality of the above vid-cap, it does show Kelly wearing the gray shirt as she faces a rain-chilled day at Tagi beach.

MIA GALEOTALANZA - Survivor Vanuatu


This is the orange tee-shirt Mia wore during her brief stay on Vanuatu.  She has signed it on the front.


This photo, taken during the filming of Survivor Vanuatu, shows Mia wearing her orange tee shirt.

ASHLEE ASHBY - Survivor Palau


        Ashlee's principal game outfit was this pair of white pants which she usually wore with the legs rolled up above the knee.  Although meant to be worn under another shirt, conditions required her to use the top as outerwear.  A combination of sun, seawater and repeated washings turned it to the brownish-pink you see in the photos above.  Both pieces are signed by her.


        These scenes from the show depict the original yellow-greenish colors of her top.  Voted out early, Ashlee continued to wear it at losers lodge and by the time she got home the coloring had faded to a pinkish-brown.  An inexpensive item when new, the colors did not fare well in the sun and sea.


       This black top, now signed by Ashlee, is the one she sometimes wore while playing the TV game.


      In this scene from the show, Ashlee is wearing the black top over the yellow/green top which she brought to use as a sports bra.  But most of the time, she wore the latter with nothing over it.


         While not worn during the game, this is the red top Ashlee wore for her official CBS pre-show photo.


          The familiar pose of Ashlee wearing the red top; this photo was her official cast picture.

CECILIA MANSILLA - Survivor Cook Islands


Above is the top half of Cecilia's red bikini (unfortunately the bottom was lost).  She has autographed it for me and asks that I take care of it for her. 


In this scene from the show, Cecilia is looking lovely wearing the red bikini. 

JESSICA "FLICA" SMITH - Survivor Cook Islands


At her first charity event, Flica donated this pair of "roller derby" socks identical to those she wore on Cook Islands.  The close-up shows where she signed them.


In these scenes from the show, Flica is wearing an identical pair of long socks. 


Flica wore these khaki shorts with a rope belt for much of her time on the island.  The purple velour top was added when she wanted to look a bit more dressy.


In this tribe photo, Flica is wearing both parts of her outfit...although the shorts appear much lighter today from extended exposure to the sun.

STACY KIMBALL - Survivor Fiji


               Above are the black shorts and striped top Stacy wore on Fiji


I couldn't find a "game" photo where Stacy was wearing both items at the same time, but she wore the top in the photo on the left and the shorts in the second picture.

MICHELLE YI - Survivor Fiji


This is the teal tank top worn by Michelle on Fiji, together with her brown shorts.  The belt was borrowed from Sylvia when the shorts lost their ability to "stay up".  I enlarged a section of the photo so you could read what she wrote on her top for me.


In this scene from the show, Michelle is wearing both parts of the outfit.  The shorts appear almost purple in the photo, but they are really a glossy brown.