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While the featured castaways were the stars at the 2004 Celebrity Golf event in Grand Rapids, the afterparty was enhanced by the cute and bubbling personalities of two very special fans...Amy and Jennifer. This page is for them!


Jennifer, shown on the right with older sister Amy, is confident she will be a future Survivor since she is both a sweetheart and a sexy little hottie!  During the evening's karioke and dancing, she revealed all the captivating sweetness of an Elisabeth, the flirty cuteness of an Amber and the sensual sexiness of a JennaM.  Hard combination to beat!


Amy, the mother of 3 daughers, is only a tiny bit less gregarious than her sister; both were the life of the party and neither has ever met a stranger.  Those pink shorts attracted lots of stares, mostly mine!


From any view, the girls are scrumptious!  Obviously they didn't know that I was taking this photo, but it was too cute to pass up!


Amy and Jennifer sang and danced their way into our hearts, shown above taking the stage with Jake.  They pulled me into the dance circle but no one was handy to photograph that.  Probably a good thing considering how I dance!


Sure it was just staged for my camera, but I never minded a little lipstick on my face!  Jake was caught off guard, but I knew beforehand the smooches were coming.  Visions of taking those cuties home with me flashed briefly before reality returned!


And in conclusion, Mr Burnett, here are two good reasons why Jennifer would be a great choice for Survivor 10!