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Souvenirs from Stephanie Dill's wedding


      Above is my invitation to the October 1, 2005 wedding of Stephanie Dill to Dr. Jim Lampinen.  As one of the few Survivor castaways with whom I share a social friendship away from public events, Steph asked me to be there on her special day. 


       Stephanie looked lovely as she came down the center aisle of the chapel to meet and unite in marriage with Jim.  At the reception which followed in the Conservatory Room of the historic Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, the happy couple shared the first dance and were greeted by family and friends.  Shortly before the guests were seated for dinner, I asked to share in one photo with them.  Above are scenes from both the wedding and reception.


       Each guest at the reception found this "favor" awaiting them: a bottle of IBC diet root beer to which was attached a silver wedding bell and a tiny note reading "Join us in ringing the bell to celebrate a lifetime of love and happiness".  Stephanie explained that this particular soft drink held many childhood memories for her.

Souvenirs from Tammy Leitner's wedding


Cover of the official program given to guests at the wedding of Tammy and Mike Gossie in August, 2002.  This item, and the ones shown below, were obtained from a relative of Tammy....I was not present.


A portion of the interior of the wedding program identifying Paschal English as the officiant who performed the ceremony, and Kathy O'Brien as the wedding coordinator


Small bottle of champagne given as a favor to guests, exhorting them to "Out Dance, Out Drink, Out Celebrate" with "Mike and Tammy" in the Survivor-style logo

Kimmi Kappenberg's Torch


The torch carried by Kimmi on Survivor Outback is basically a piece of driftwood with a metal funnel tied to one end.  Inside the funnel is some wick-like material which give off a flame when soaked with a flammable like lantern oil.  It measures about 6'3" from end to end.


Kimmi's name has been printed on the smooth side of a piece of bark, and tied to the torch with the same rough twine used to attach the flame holder.  On Day 15, Kimmi's torch was extinquished at only her second Tribal Council....much too soon for some of us!

S3 Finale passes used by Kim Powers


A number of supposedly genuine sets of S3 Finale passes have been sold on eBay recently, but Kim says only 16 passes marked "Talent" were issued.  I felt quite special when she offered me her personal set.  The photo above shows the front side of her passes.


The back of Kim's passes shown with the distinctive zebra-striped lanyard...on the blank side of the Party pass, she comments on how she felt that night!

Kim Powers' stick "spoon"


Kim described her Survivor Africa eating utensil as "the stick I used to eat the mush with...I painted it once I made it to the merge...we used the paints they gave us to paint our new flag". 
It measures about 14 1/2" overall, with an upward bend about 7" from the flattened eating surface. She has also wrapped some twine around the upper handle and tied it with blue yarn.

Africa tote bag used by Kim Powers


Kim describes this as "the actual bag that I used to carry my stuff into the game and then to each tribal council.  It is an actual African bag that they gave us before the game started...instead of backpacks".  The sturdy and decorative bag is round with its bottom diameter about 12".  The leather shoulder strap is attached by knots tied at either end.

Thailand tote bag used by Tanya Vance


Each of the 16 Thailand castaways was given a colorful tote bag to carry their personal items into the game and to each tribal council.  This season, each bag had a unique design although its basic construction was the same.  In the cast photo taken on a pier, Tanya is sitting in the second row and this bag can be seen being carried over her right shoulder.

Souvenir from Tanya Vance


A big fan of the Vols, Tanya stuck this stratch pad in with some photos she mailed me!  She also included a personal note to me that I wish to keep private.

Signed Penny Ramsey cowgirl hat


Donated to the charity auction in Omaha by Penny, this hat like the one she wore in Thailand has been signed by 28 castaways, which include:  Sonja of S1; Jerri, Tina, Amber and Mitch of S2; Lex, Big Tom, Brandon, T-Bird and Ethan of S3; the General, Sean, Vee, Paschal and Neleh of S4; Clay, Jake, Helen, Jan, Tanya, Jed, Ken and Penny of S5; and Alex, Dave, Daniel, Rob and Heidi of S6.

Outfit worn by Ramona Gray on Pulau Tiga


Ramona describes the above sports bra as "the one I wore to my final tribal council".  The long pants are the only pair she had at Pulau Tiga; like most female castaways, she slept in them to keep bugs off her as much as possible. The inscription on the bra reads "This shirt was last worn on Pulau Tiga at Tribal Counsel - Summer 2000".


In the first photo above, Ramona is wearing the sports bra as she posed for an official CBS portrait.  The last photo shows her wearing the pants in a scene from the show.

Ghandia Johnson's shirt from Survivor Thailand


Ghandia was sleeping in this shirt the night of the notorious "Ted incident".  It was the only long-sleeved shirt she took to Thailand. She has signed it with a black sharpie pen.

Ghandia Johnson's sleeping mask


Although not seen on the show, Ghandia said she used this mask to sleep on the long plane flights to and from Thailand.  Just the sort of thing we'd expect from the "Denver Diva"!

Helen Glover's "pillow"


All the clothing items Helen took for Survivor Thailand were given to her by friends, mostly in the military where she works as a swimming instructor.  The shirt shown above (bearing a red stitched "Marines" at the neck) was the only long-sleeved shirt she brought into the game but she never wore it because of the extreme heat.  Instead, she balled it up and used it as a pillow!  However, she notes that Jannie Gentry wore it the day Helen was voted out.  "Guess she couldn't wait until I was gone to try it out" was Helen's observation!

Panama souviners from Nicole Delma


While living on "loser's island" awaiting her appearance with the Outcast Tribe, Nicole passed the time building a small collection of shells she found on the beach at low tide.  In her words, "we didn't have much because we were not given back our possessions, so it was one of the only things I felt was 'mine' during the time we stayed there."  Above is a shell from that collection which she shared with me.  Pictured beside the shell is a Balboa coin which Nicole brought home with her at the conclusion of Survivor: Pearl Islands.

Gift bag from All Stars Finale Afterparty


As guests left the afterparty, CBS gave each this gift bag filled with items supplied by various sponsors.  These included a Chapera buff, an orange Survivor bandana from Home Depot, a red mesh pouch containing a box of Tylenol and other goodies.

Kelly Wiglesworth's luggage tag


Contestants of Survivor 1 were given tags to identify their luggage as they traveled to promotional events after the show aired.  Above is one of Kelly's tags.


Following the Survivor Vanuatu Finale, Christa Hastie gave me her set of passes on which she had obtained the autographs of 17 of the S9 cast members, plus Jeff Probst, Rupert (S7), and Dave, Deena and Shawna (S6).  Not photographed but included was the neck lanyard which held the three passes.